Hosted at Microsoft New England

1 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts

August 12th-13th


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What's bridgehaCS?

Hosted by and for developers,

BridgehaCS is a two-day span where developers, designers, and thinkers alike can get together to build something totally awesome. The opening ceremony (Friday at 7:00PM) will be at the Cambridge Innovation Center right down the street. The hackathon will last until 5:00PM the next day and conclude at the Microsoft New England office.

Like most hackathons, we'll have prizes for multiple categories, but the limit to what entries can be is broad. We don't want you to be afraid to come to this hackathon with just an idea. Don't know how to code? No problem, we'll find a team that wants to help you build your vision into reality.



Who can come?

The creators of this hackathon are software engineering interns this summer. We hope that we find people in similar situations drawn to our event, but are keeping the hackathon open to anyone, on a case by case basis.

Cool. Can I sign up?

Yea!, fill out our RSVP form and we'll send an email 2 weeks before the event with specific details about the event Remember, you must submit the RSVP form as soon as possible so you can enter the hackathon!

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